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Get the best hair care treatment at the best salon in Pune. Our experts assess the hair thoroughly to measure its elasticity, porosity and level of damage, looking for signs of both internal and surface damage. LooksMatter Unisex Salon is modern and provides expertise in hair care, trendy and stylish haircuts, hair coluring, many other services like comfortable Hair wash stations, Hair Spa’s, Dandruff Treatments, etc. Do you want to get the best Hair Treatment in Pune for intensely shiny, lightweight, fluid hair? Book your appointment now! Walk out of the salon with shinier, stronger hair that lasts longer than ever. We give the Natural Hair Care services that work on your Hair by Rebuilding Damaged Fibres, Restoring Structure and adding strength to overly Processed Hair. Best Hair Care Salon is luxurious and relaxing, with fully reclining chairs making your experience a chill one. There are VIP rooms and Hush pamper treatments that are just dreamy. Salons are an escape but a visit to LooksMatter Unisex Salon near you is like a vacay. People also search us on Google by typing “best Hair care Salon near me”, our Salon details are then displayed.

Service Non Member Member
Hair Spa (Men) 800/- 640/-
Hair Spa (Upto Shlouder) 1100/- 880/-
Hair Spa (Below Shoulder) 1300/- 1040/-
Hair Spa (Upto Waist) 1600/- 1280/-
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