Cysteine Hair Treatment

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What Is The Cysteine Hair Treatment In Pune?
The Cysteine therapy of hair thinning utilizes a nonessential amino acid which occurs in keratin to whiten in addition to fortify your hair. Inside this hair remedy , when you've got tight curls, then the components loosen your hair with no natural additives such as formaldehyde A Cysteine hair thinning treatment is perfect for people who have wavy and unmanageable hair as it strengthens your hair roots. In this therapy, the shaving burns very naturally without appearing overtly obvious. However, it is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts just for 3 months.
Who Can Get Cysteine Treatment For Hair?
While everyone desires smooth, silky, and nourished hair. However, though others can get it with ease and minimal therapy, some need to dish out more effort and money. In this case, a cysteine remedy is a boon for people who have curly and frizzy hair. Cysteine therapy is proven to reduce curls by nearly 60 percent. So be prepared to lock your curls straight when you go for this. A word of caution, though. If you've recently got your hair coloured, it's strongly recommended that you wait at least 2 weeks prior to going to your cysteine treatment. Further, when you have thin hair, then this remedy is a strict no go since it will further flatten your hair and decrease its volume.
FAQ On Cysteine Treatment In Pune For Hair
1.Can You Oil Your Hair After Cysteine?
Avoid oiling a lot of after the treatment. The main reason is that too much oiling may cause a build-up, which raises the consequences. Also, this will cut down the longevity of this treatment
2.How Is Cysteine Treatment Done?
The Cysteine treatment in Pune process requires the hair being cleaned and dried, then, the solution is applied section by section with a brush. It is left on for approximately 20 minutes prior to a blow dryer is used to help dry the hair and let it absorb the solution, following which the hair is flat ironed.
3.How Long Does Cysteine Treatment In Pune Take?
A Cysteine hair treatment in Pune is perfect for those who have wavy and unmanageable hair as it strengthens your hair roots. Inside this treatment, the straightening wears off very naturally without looking overtly obvious. However, it's a semi-permanent treatment that lasts just for three months.

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Cysteine (Men) 3700/- 2960/-
Cysteine (Upto Neck) 4500/- 3600/-
Cysteine (Upto Shoulder) 5600/- 4480/-
Cysteine (Below Shoulder) 7500/- 6000/-
Cysteine (Upto Waist) 9000/- 7200/-
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