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Natural Facial Treatments

Flaunt your Natural Beauty while getting rid of Dust and Impurities from your Skin with the best Facial treatment in Pune. Packed with Skin Lightening elements. Facial Salon in Pune will help you look Naturally Glamorous. Our experienced skincare therapist will analyze your skin, evaluate which treatment is most suitable for your skin and prescribe the optimum skin care treatment to achieve the desired results. Enjoy a purely indulgent moment at LooksMatter Unisex Salon as you retreat into total relaxation in the hands of your professional therapist. We continue to invest in the very latest beauty innovations by offering the very latest Natural Facial treatments to beauty lovers. It's an ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive experience to address all skin concerns and achieve healthy glowing skin naturally. People search us mostly on Google for the best hair salon near me. Experience wellbeing and total rejuvenation for mind, body, and spirit with the best Facial Salon in Pune. Get vivid Facials like Gold Facial, Diamond Facial, Chocolate Facial, Fruit Facial, Classic Facial, Collagen Facial, Aromatherapy Facial etc.

Service Non Member Member
Regular cleanup 500/- 400/-
Normal & Dry Skin Revival 600/- 480/-
Only & Combination Skin Matte 600/- 480/-
Deep Cleansing Effect 600/- 480/-
Richfeel Cleanup 750/- 600/-
Cheryls- Clari Glow Facial 1000/- 800/-
Cheryls- Dermalite Fairness Facial 1100/- 880/-
Cheryls- Glovite skin lightening Facial 1200/- 960/-
Cheryls-Hydramoist Facial 1200/- 960/-
Cheryls-Oxy Blast Facial 1500/- 1200/-
Richfeel Facial 1500/- 1200/-
Signature Facial-Perfect Balance 1800/- 1440/-
Signature Facial-Inner Glow Facial 1800/- 1440/-
Cheryls-Sensi Glow Facial 1750/- 1400/-
Cheryls-Tanclear Facial 1900/- 1520/-
Cheryls-Sensi Acne Facial 1900/- 1520/-
Cheryls-Vitalift Facial 1900/- 1520/-
O3 Facial 2600/- 2080/-
O3 Advance Facial 3600/- 2880/-
Charcal Mask 650/- 520/-
Quick glow 700/- 560/-
Detan Mask 1000 800/-
Under EYE Treatment 1100/- 880/-
Lighting Face Mask 1200/- 960/-
Golden Face Mask 1800/- 1440/-
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